Save money in your heating costs and get your steam building back to a like “new” condition.

Thuemling Steam, a division of Thuemling Industrial Products Inc. offers a full line of steam products and services to you help you maintain, repair and support the installation and repair of steam heating systems.

We are specialists in the REPAIR of steam traps. We offer repair kits for over 900 current and obsolete steam traps that include thermostatic, float and thermostatic, and bucket traps.

Since 1953, service contractors, building owners, maintenance mechanics and engineer have relied on Thuemling to solve the challenges with one and two pipe steam systems.

We are manufacture representatives for top of the line steam trap companies such as Barnes and Jones and Mepco/Dunham Bush products.

Thuemling Industrial Products is a Wisconsin Focus on Energy Trade Ally. We will help you in obtaining incentives for cost’s incurred with steam trap survey’s and failed steam trap repair or replacement cost’s.

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