About Us

Thuemling Steam has worked closely with the steam industry for over 30 years. We offer services such as identifying, testing, surveying, trouble shooting your steam traps and their systems. We offer our services for all of Wisconsin the U.P. of Michigan and the northern half of Illinois.

Thuemling Steam is a stocking supplier with full line stock of complete steam traps as well as repair kits for all makes and types of steam traps, we have parts for those extinct stem traps whose companies are no longer in existence. We also have steam and hot water radiator valves, pneumatic operators and many other items related to steam and hot water systems.

We pride ourselves to be able to help you save money in your heating costs and to get your steam building back to a like “new” condition. We are program allies with Wisconsin Focus on Energy.

Call us today at 1-800-686-1789
or email us at steam@thuemling.com.