Barnes & Jones Inc. manufactures 100% Calibrated Cage Unit inserts for every heating steam trap body ever made. We also have a full line of complete steam traps which also incorporates the same calibrated air vent. For steam systems up to 200 PSI.
> Radiator trap repair kits
> Float and thermostatic repair kits
> Super cage unit repair kit
> Thermostatic traps
> Float and thermostatic traps
> Bucket traps
> Steamtrap repair guide
  MEPCO/Dunham Bush: Mepco offers a full line of Steam Traps, repair kits, radiator valves, steam condensate pumps, water centrifugal pumps, Heat Exchangers and more.
> Steam specialties
  Water Centrifugal Pumps: Mepco’s complete line of centrifugal pumps are designed to handle a wide range of applications where water or other liquids are to be circulated. Used in cooling towers, chilled or hot water systems, and many other industrial and institutional applications. Available in three styles including Closed coupled, Base mounted and In-Line styles.
> Centrifugal pumps
Steam Condensate Pumps: Mepco’s Sentinel line offers pumps for steam condensate return systems as well as boiler feed pumps.
> Steam condensate pumps
Power Pressure Pumps: The Condensator 2.0 features a three way valve system to allow pressure to provide lift or pumping action. This eliminates the need for mechanical, electrical pumps and allows for positive flow. The pumps feature a more compact design and far more versatility in installation.Pump repair and upgrade kits are also available. Our repair kits deliver more reliable performance and a longer service life than nearly every other manufacturers original mechanism. Condensator 2.0 repair kits are available for most pump models by: Armstrong, Bestobell, Clark Reliance, Dunham Bush, Gestra, Johnson, ITT Domestic, Nicholson, Spence, TLV, Watson McDaniel and Yarway.
> Condensator 2.0 series H
> Condensator 2.0 series V
> Condensator 2.0 series PH
> Condensator repair and upgrade kits
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SPAN GAUGES: Liquid filled pressure gauges manufactured in our Waukesha, WI plant. This is the Cadillac of liquid filled pressure, vacuum or compound gauges.
> Span liquid filled pressure gauges
DURO UNITED GAUGES: 4-1/2”, 6” and 8-1/2” Boiler Gauges manufactured in our Waukesha, WI plant.
> Duro United Gauges