Steam Trap School
The Thuemling steam trap seminar provides the proper maintenance and problem solving techniques involved in managing steam heating systems. The class will take you from the time steam is produced in the boiler, through the heating apparatus, to the time it is returned to the boiler as condensate.

Each seminar is scheduled for a minimum of 12 people and can be presented on-site at your location, or offsite. Each seminar is held on-demand throughout the year.

The steam trap seminar was designed specifically for:
– Service contractors
– Building owners
– Maintenance mechanics
– Buildings and grounds managers
– Building operators
– Stationary engineers
– Facility engineers
– Hospital engineers
– School engineers

This seminar will answer many questions such as:
What are steam traps?
Why are they there?
How can I improve my steam system’s efficiency?
How do I find leaking traps?
How do I test steam traps?
How do I repair traps?
How long do steam traps last?
How do I trouble shoot my system?

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Seminar cost: $50.00 per person.
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Instructor: Tim Thuemling leads Thuemling Industrial Products Energy Systems Division. Tim acquired his knowledge of steam heating systems by working with the top engineers in the steam trap industry. He has attended numerous on-site factory schools on steam equipment and has spent over a decade “hands-on” in the field of steam heating management.